I spoke at Mathilde’S Café in Hamburg before a small group of friends, members of the Democrats Abroad Hamburg Chapter. During this discussion, I emphasized my purpose in writing the book. Initially I wrote the book as therapy—a sentimental journey at the relationship between two world leaders whom I deeply respected. However, through the course of the project, and time I saw how quickly things changed between the two countries in such a short period of time, it turned into a call to return to the status quo—a call to how things had been before. I wrote this book and plead the return the status quo because I think it is perfect, because things are not NATO leaders do not agree on issues, many NATO nations do not pay their fair share. Nobody least of all me thinks the system is perfect, but it the most successful organization we have. Rather than to completely destroy it or withdraw from it, nations and leaders need to address problems. The safety and security of the world depends upon it.