Vanishing Down Under

The Expanding Threats to Australia’s Wildlife

By Claudia Clark

As an American living in Germany, some may question my authority to write a book about the importance of preserving Australian wildlife. However, as a lifelong animal lover, political activist, and author deeply passionate about protecting the Earth and its most vulnerable inhabitants, I feel compelled to address this issue. The devastating fires of 2019, which claimed the lives of an estimated 3 billion creatures in Australia, deeply affected me. This, coupled with my recent fulfillment of a lifelong dream to visit Australia, has solidified my determination to contribute to the protection of these unique critters.

While I would prefer to hop on a plane and relocate to Australia to work as a wild animal caregiver, for many reasons, it is impractical. Therefore, after weeks of soul-searching and shelving a book, I had been researching, I decided to write a book about the importance of educating the public about the need to prioritize securing a safe home for Australia’s native and vulnerable resources before it is too late.

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